PhDr. Iva Šolcová, Ph.D.

PhDr. Iva Šolcová, Ph.D.

Institute of Psychology
The Czech Academy of Sciences
Pod Vodárenskou věží 1143/4, 182 00 Prague 8
Phone: +420 266 053 861


Research interests

  • Health psychology
  • Stress-buffering factors
  • Resilience
  • Psychophysiology – individual differences

Education & Work experience

  • 1992 – now: senior researcher in the Institute of Psychology
  • 1985 – 1991: researcher in the Institute of Physiology of The Czech Academy of Sciences
  • 1971 – 1985: clinical psychologist in Outpatient Ward Psychiatric Clinic, Prague 6

Research projects

Principal investigator

  • Dynamics of resilience and its resources in crewmembers during extended spaceflight simulation (CSF; 2011-2013)
  • Conceptions of mental resilience – a comparative study (GA CAS; 2007-2009)
  • Social support as an important protective factor (GA CAS; 1999 – 2003)
  • Women’s stress (GA CR; 1995-97)
  • Hardiness (GA CR; 1993-95)
  • Effect of physical activity on resilience of man (GA of Ministry of Education; 1992-93)
  • Disaster psychology  (Federal committee for life environment; 1992)

Co-principal investigator

  • Burnout syndrome and cardiovascular diseases’ risk factors: enlargement of diagnostic, interventional, and preventive possibilities (GA CR; 2006-08)
  • Psychosocial inequalities in health (GA CR; 2003-05)
  • Successful Entrepreneurship in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic (2004-05; CAS; D27-CZ33/04-05)
  • Tackling inequalities in health (European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General; 1999-2002).
  • Social and psychological determinants of broadening of violence and aggression among youth and possibilities of its reduction (GA CR; 1995-96)
  • Alexithymia (GA CAS; 1991-1993)

National coordinator

  • SIRIUS-19 – Scientific International Research in Unique Terrestrial Station – ground-based experiment simulating prolonged (120 days) space flight (Moscow; Institute for Biomedical Problems RAS + NASA + ESA; 2019)
  • SIRIUS-17 – ground-based experiment simulating space flight in duration of 17 days (Moscow; Institute for Biomedical Problems RAS + NASA + ESA; 2017)
  • Mars-500 – ground-based experiment simulating prolonged (520 days) space flight to Mars and back (Moscow; Institute for Biomedical Problems + NASA + ESA; 2010-11)
  • Psychological effects of the economic recession: Implications for stress and coping – the worldwide study coordinated by Esther Greenglass from the University of York, Toronto (2010-2011)
  • Well being of university students - The worldwide study  coordinated by  Cecilia Cheng  from the University of Hong-Kong  (2006-2007)
  • Social axioms – The world-wide study on general beliefs coordinated by prof. M.H. Bond from the University of Hong-Kong (1999-2000)
  • EKOPSY-95 – Ecology and Psychology – ground-based experiment simulating prolonged (90 days) space flight (Moscow; Institute for Biomedical Problems RAS; 1995)
  • HUBES-94 – HUman BEhaviour in Space simulation studies – ground-based experiment simulating prolonged (135 days) space flight (Moscow; Institute for Biomedical Problems RAS, ESA; 1994-95)
  • Prevention of failure of flight navigators (Inter-Departmental Committee for Air Traffic Navigation; 1994, 1995)
  • Štola-88 – ground-based experiment simulating space flight in duration of 30 days(Tišnov; Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences + Institute for Biomedical Problems RAS; 1988)

Scientific awards

2004: National psychiatric award for the best theoretical and research work on the theme of Psychological stress.

Professional Societies, Government Committees, and Organizations

2011 – 2017: European Health Psychology Society – a member
2009 – 2016: International Association of Applied Psychology – a member
2003 - now:  International Astronautic Academy - elected regular member
1998 – 2002: International Astronautic Academy - elected corresponding  member
2002 – 2005: Discipline committee for social sciences of the Grant Agency of the CR -  a member
2002 – 2005: Subcommittee of specialists for psychology and pedagogic of the Grant Agency of the CR – a chair
2002 – 2007: a member of Academy Assembly
2007 – 2017: Institutional Board of the Institute of Psychology – a chair
2010 – now: Subject area board of General Psychology (Faculty of Arts, Charles University)
2015 – now: Subject area board of Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health (Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty, Palacký University)

Editorial Board

1997 – 2011: executive editor of the journal Československá psychologie
2011 – now: editor in chief of the Ceskoslovenska psychologie
2000 – now: member of editorial board of the journal Adiktologie

Selected publications


Šolcová, I., Děchtěrenko, F., Havrdová, Z.: Researching Reflectivity by Scales.
Enhancing Professionality Through Reflectivity in Social and Health Care. Cham: Springer, (2023), 129-146.


Šolcová, I., Vinokhodova, A., Gushin, V., Kuznetsova, P.: Tend-and-befriend behaviour during spaceflight simulation. Acta Astronautica, 191, 2 (2022), 79-87.


Šolcová, I., Vinokhodova, A., Gushin, V.: Anticipated and perceived personal growth and values in two spaceflight simulation studies. Acta Astronautica, 179 (2021), 561-568.


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Havrdová, Z., Děchtěrenko, F., Šolcová, I. : Dotazník sebereflexe (SRIS) a Filadelfská škála všímavosti (PHLMS): psychometrické charakteristiky českých verzí. [Self Reflection and Insight Scale (SRIS), and Philadelphia Mindfulness Scale (PHLMS): Psychometric properties of the Czech versions.] Československá psychologie, 64, 5 (2020), 535-549. [In Czech.]

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