The laboratory of the Institute of Psychology at the Czech Academy of Sciences provides the space and equipment that is necessary in order to conduct experimental and observational research at the Prague branch of our Institute. The lab is located at the Prague office of the Institute on Hybernská street and consists of three rooms. This is where our researchers work with research participants and prepare the technological equipment needed for specific research studies. The first laboratory room is designated to data collection via technical devices, such as computers and eye movement monitors. The second room is used for working with children and includes a general examination area, as well as a soundproof chamber for presenting auditory stimuli to infants and recording their visual preferences. The third and last room functions as a preparation and workshop room.

The fundamental tools of our lab are high quality computers equipped with software designed for response timing and for accurate presentation of auditory, visual, and textual stimuli. Apart from these, the lab also has special technological tools at its disposal, such as eye movement monitors. These are being used for precise tracking of attention focusing and its changes, and also for measuring eye movements during reading. Furthermore, we use apparatus for the measurement of visual preferences of children and their habituation behaviors. The lab’s equipment includes a range of recording devices, such as cameras and audio recorders.

The lab serves as the research base for our Institute, as well as the Laboratory of Behavioural and Linguistic Studies (Labels), jointly run by the Institute of Psychology and the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University. This joint laboratory houses an electroencephalograph (EEG). We use the EEG to study cognitive processes at their earliest stages, through their neural-responses manifestation.

The laboratory is supervised by prof. PhDr. Filip Smolík, Ph.D., DSc. (www)
The main point of contact is Bc. Katarína Šútorová (