Our work spans a wide range of areas of research in psychology. We also collaborate with colleagues specialised in other social and natural sciences or humanities.

The main output of our work are publications, and we frequently publish the results of our original research in renowned international journals. At the same time, we appreciate the importance of books and domestic periodicals, which we consider important for cultivating the discipline of psychology at the national level.

We publish the journal Československá psychologie (Czechoslovak Psychology), which focuses on original work covering various areas – such as psychological theory, methodology, research and reports from practice. The journal was established in 1957 and is indexed in the Web of Science, SCOPUS and PsycINFO databases.

In this department we study individuals’ psychological and social functioning within different developmental stages. We carry out research involving personality psychology, social psychology, life-span psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology or political and cross-cultural psychology.

We study human mental processes, states and contents using scientific research methods. Our research is primarily experimental and focused on human perception, attention, memory, and language.

We develop methods used in psychological research. We focus on statistical data analyses as well as on different approaches of qualitative methodology. We pay extra attention to the cultivation of psychodiagnostics methods that are unique to the field of psychology.