CATo software

Computerized Adaptive Testing optimized

The goal of the CATo Project is to create a user-friendly and understandable application for building and administration of adaptive tests. In the current stage of development the software is capable of working with dichotomously-scored items and it has one-, two-, and three-parameters IRT models implemented. It is planned to add a module for administration of tests with polytomous items.

The work on the CATo software started in the Institute of Psychology in 2005.

Current status: working on a multiplatform (Mac, Windows, Linux) computing library featuring binary models and polytomous GRM model. 

Key Features:

Item Banks

  • Content-balancing
  • Defining of items' characteristics and contents
  • Innovative items

Adaptive administration

  • Type of test-start
  • Type of choosing adequate items
  • Type of test-end (sufficient precision of estimation, screening, maximum test-length)

Results and outcomes

  • Comprehensive reports of the administration run (ordered set of items, answers, trait estimation a respective error)
  • MS Excel datafile format
  • Real data simmulations

Hardware requirements:

  • 400 Mhz processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 9x/XP platform

Published papers and presentations:

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Jelínek, M., Květon, P., Vobořil, D. (2011). Adaptivní administrace NEO PI-R: výhody a omezení [Adaptive administration of NEO PI-R: benefits and limitations]. Československá psychologie, 1 (55), 69-81.

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Software CATo - testování osobnostních charakteristik [Software CATo - testing personality characteristics]. Multimediální prezentace na konferenci Sociální procesy a osobnost, Telč 2007. [AVI video format - Czech]

Jelínek, M., Květon, P., Denglerová, D. (2006). Adaptivní testování - základní pojmy a principy [Adaptive testing - basic concepts and principles]. Československá psychologie, 2 (50), 163-173.